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Frequently Asked Question's

How are your items cleaned ? 

  • We follow a vigorous cleaning regimen before and after each event. Please click on the link for details

What areas do you service?​

  • We service North, Central, & Parts of South NJ. As well as certain parts of NY & PA. A Travel fee would be applied for events outside of Middlesex County NJ. Please feel free to contact us to found out if we service your area.


How much space is needed for Bella Petite Setup's ?

  • Our standard picnic setup seats on average up to 10 guests. We recommend a min space of 12ft x 9ft.

  • For "Dinner for 2" we recommend a min space of  6ft x 9ft. 

  • For Bella Petite Spa Setup we recommend a min space of 16ft x 9ft. 

  • For Bella Petite Slumber Soiree we recommend a min space of 7ft in depth x 4ft in width for each tent setup. 

  • For TeePee's we have 2 sizes available, our small teepee poles are 6ft long and are appx 4ft tall when opened. Our Large Teepee poles are 8ft long and are appx 6ft tall when opened. 

What are your Venue Requirements?

  • The space provided should be large enough to adequately provide enough space for your specific party setup. The space should be clear and free of furniture prior to our arrival. We do NOT move furniture nor do we pick up party trash at the end of your event. 

  • There is absolutely NO pets or smoking allowed near the setup. The venue must be a smoke free environment NO exceptions. The Security deposit required at time of booking will not be refunded if items are returned smelling of smoke. If there are no missing/damaged items your deposit will be returned within 24-48 hrs. 

  • If you are planning an event at a hotel, park, clubhouse, etc.. Please be sure to check with them on their policies and guidelines prior to booking. Also we are not responsible for any permits or fees associated with your location of choice. 

What is the Security Deposit Required at time of Booking ?

  • A $100 refundable Security Deposit will be required to insure all rented items are returned in the same condition in which they were received. Damaged or missing items will be charged at their replacement value and will be deducted accordingly from your security deposit. If damages or missing items exceed the $100 deposit you will be billed for the excess amount. This includes deodorizing items it they are returned with smoke smell. 

What is your cancellation Policy ?

  • A full refund will be granted up to 30 days prior to the event date. Cancellations made 15-29 days prior to event date will be subject to a 50% Cancellation fee. Cancellations made 14 days or less prior to the event date will not receive a refund but we will be happy to re-schedule your event for another date (based on availability). This policy does NOT apply to custom themed parties. Custom themed parties are Non-Refundable no exceptions, but we will gladly reschedule your event for another available date. Lastly, the Existing theme & Package must remain the same for all cancellations.

How do I Book & When is the Full Balance Due ?

  • You can find all of our Booking details on the How it Works? section of our website. 

Do you provide facial products for Bella Petite Spa ?and  Do you offer mani/pedi/facial ? 

  • Yes, Products provided are Face Masks for each guest, (1) Toner, (1) Moisturizer, & a pack of press on nails for our young guests. Absolutely NO Nail Polishes are allowed near or around the setup. This is to prevent any spills or damage being done to the Setup/Robes. No, we are NOT licensed cosmetologists we do not offer spa services (mani/pedi/facial) we provide the décor SET UP only. Our setup is geared for guests to do the facials & nail applications on their own, this is for entertainment purposes only. 

Are the items used for Bella Petite Spa & Paint kid friendly ?

  • Yes, all items used in Bella Petite Spa are hand selected with kids in mind. Yes, the paint used for Bella Petite paint is water based (tempera) not acrylic. Bella Petite Parties is not responsible for any activities that take place during the rental period of our products that may result in allergic reaction. Nor are we responsible for any allergic/medical reactions that are a result of the products provided, food items, or any materials given at the event. 

What is the rental period for your setups ?

  • Our packages are for 2 hours max. Anything over this allotted time will be billed at an hourly rate of $50/per hour. 

How far in advance should I book ?

  • For our packages we recommend booking at least 2-3 weeks in advance, especially if they have personalized items. For custom parties we suggest booking at minimum 1 month in advance. 

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